Nelli and Art Pavlenko on Marriage and Waiting on God

Nelli was born in Russia, Art was born in Ukraine.  Both moved to the US at a young age. Both Nelli and Art were previously married and were done with relationships, wanting to be single for a while.  Friends wanted the two of them to meet and invited them to a concert, and even though their minds were made up on relationships, they couldn’t help that sparks flew upon meeting. They ultimately ended up married and have seen God answer things miraculously for them as they seek Him above all else in their marriage. They share helpful tips and some resources that have helped them in their marriage.

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Rick and Michele Andersen Marriage Testimony

Rick shares he was a “good guy” trying to do his best and wanting to be retired by 30.  After experiencing a broken heart he became very angry and hated who he was.  Over the next 3 years, he shares he was pretty much leading Satan’s parade but at the age of 29, Jesus showed up and said, “You’re looking for truth?  I’m it”.

It was the virtue of Michele’s roommates and the grace they extended her which allowed her to see them as set apart and as God’s daughters and seeing that in such a pure way caused her to desire to seek after God more by seeing their example.  Hear how God transformed both Rick and Michele from the inside out and brought them together in their amazing testimony of their matrimony.

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Mitch and Maria Vorobets Marriage Testimony

Mitch and Maria are the first couple to be featured on the podcast.
They both expressed they didn’t know what to expect before marriage and had no premarital counseling.   They didn’t know how God intended marriage to be, never even heard it preached or ever had a solid example to look up to.   They both had filters on going into marriage.  In that first year of marriage, things started to happen, they started hitting potholes and things at home began to unravel.
We’ll hear how God brought beauty from ashes. 

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