Andrea and Elliott on Vulnerability, Intentionality and Communication in Marriage


Andrea was initially from Texas and then moved to California with her family, where she had met Elliott previously when she visited family in CA.

They “technically” met in a construction site. 

This is a “his and her” telling of their love story — getting to hear two very different perspectives.  

Andrea didn’t think of him much after the initial meeting.  

Elliot was “sold”.  He knew Andrea was the one from when he had first met her.  Little did she know he had started praying for “the perfect woman” even before giving his life to Christ.  He found himself saving himself for her even though it didn’t make sense to him.  

Even so, Elliott found himself in a couple relationships, but something happened one day that he said confirmed his wife was the one for him.  Hanging with his buddies, Elliott had this experience where he saw her name on the radio “ DREA” and he couldn’t explain it.  That solidified in his heart she was the one.  Having faith before even really knowing what faith was, we hear how God radically transformed this “punk kid” into a man of after His heart and teaching him what it looks like to leading and loving his wife the most excellent way, the Christ way.

Andrea says the dating to engagement process happened by submitting to God’s will for them and a posture of humility while working through hard things and forgiveness. 

Some of the hard things…. realizing men, even Godly men, struggle with lust and pornography.  Such a realization made her think and ask, “Is Elliott struggling with this?” So when she asked, he chose to open up and be vulnerable. No more hiding. Working through the broken parts of their hearts, they faced the hard things hand in hand, with God’s grace being the only thing sufficient enough to make it through.

Resources recommended by Andrea and Elliott:


Boy Meets Girl  and I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman