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Erin and Robert on God's Timing and The Call To Missions

Episode 06 is HERE and we are hearing from Erin and Robert Zaglago. These two are missionaries who love Jesus with their whole hearts and they share with us how God got hold of their hearts at different points in their lives — Robert when we was in junior high and Erin when she was in her early twenties. Something powerfully shared through each of their testimonies is the grace of God in His revealing Himself to us through His Holy Spirit.

I’m reminded that it’s never too early to begin serving God with your life. God raised Robert up from a young age and Robert set his mind and heart on serving Jesus. It’s not about “some day”, but “this day” and how we will choose to respond to the Holy Spirit moving in our hearts. The choice is ours, He’s given us freewill. May this be the day of your salvation or recommitment if you have yet to give your life to Christ or have fallen away from Him for a time.

May the knowledge of His love go from your head to your heart as you feel Him tugging on your heart to just trust Him and surrender all. Be blessed!

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Adriana and Norm Share Their Marriage Story and Their Fostering To Adopt Journey

Episode 5 is a 3 part series featuring Adriana and Norm Schisler from Southern California. Adrie and Norm share their backgrounds, the pattern of God calling them to wait on Him and the reminder that it is always for His glory and for our good.

His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9), so when what we’re feeling led to do or not do doesn’t make any earthly sense, Adriana and Norm encourage us to remember He's working and He is faithful. We are called to simply trust and obey His perfect, master plan for our lives.

Adriana and Norm touch on their marriage story and share how the Lord has called them to foster to adopt 3 babies all under the age of 3 within the last 2 years. Plus, we have some exciting news to celebrate with them this month! Stay tuned.

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Andrea and Elliott on Vulnerability, Intentionality and Communication in Marriage

Andrea and Elliott met when they were 13…through her sister and his brother…at a construction site. Say what?! We’ll hear more backstory on this. They were reunited after a couple years when Andrea’s family moved permanently to California. Andrea hadn’t thought much about Elliott since their initial meeting. Elliott’s side to the story is a bit different. Elliot was “sold”.  He knew Andrea was the one from when he had first met her.  

They discuss what the road to them dating looked like and how in dating they began asking the hard questions. The hard things? Some real things, deep heart things…like a battle with pornography. Elliott shares the journey he took toward true deliverance and gives practical tools for anyone struggling with this same thing. The pay off to working through these hard things before marriage?  A blissful first year of being married…and continued bliss and trust in marriage.

Their story is beautiful! You’ll be blessed to hear it all in full! Click to listen.

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