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Marty and Lore on Marriage, Restoration and the Word of God

Marty and Lore Hooper have both played pivotal roles in my walk with the Lord and have so much wisdom to share and always point back to God’s Word.  Marty is the missions pastor at our church and oversees the prayer ministry.  Lore has and continues to disciple women and encourages them to be “all in” for Jesus through the sharing of her testimony.  They have counseled many married couples over the years and have a passion for marriage. 

They share it’s nothing they’ve done or nothing they could do to save anyone’s marriage, but rather they encourage those who come seeking reconciliation to the source of where healing can be found and that’s found in God’s Word. 

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Nelli and Art Pavlenko on Marriage and Waiting on God

Nelli was born in Russia, Art was born in Ukraine.  Both moved to the US at a young age. Both Nelli and Art were previously married and were done with relationships, wanting to be single for a while.  Friends wanted the two of them to meet and invited them to a concert, and even though their minds were made up on relationships, they couldn’t help that sparks flew upon meeting. They ultimately ended up married and have seen God answer things miraculously for them as they seek Him above all else in their marriage. They share helpful tips and some resources that have helped them in their marriage.

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