Erin and Robert on God's Timing and The Call To Missions


This month’s testimony behind the matrimony is from Erin and Robert Zaglago who currently live in Murrieta, CA but their address is changing soon, soon!
Erin and Robert share a bit about their upbringings and how God brought them together, across continents. When God wills, He makes a way.

Erin was raised in Orange County, California and Robert was born and raised in Takoradi, Ghana in Africa.
Erin was called to missions in her twenties, served God in Southeast Asia but came back home as her visa had been revoked. She then was called to Ghana where she met Robert, who was their translator while she was in Ghana serving.

Robert shares it was in junior high that he experienced the Holy Spirit speaking to him, causing him to weep and commit his life to Christ.
“I began to see how valuable I was to Him, He laid His life down just for me.” — Robert.

Erin speaks favorably of her husband and his gift of faith. It was the way he was raised. With no paychecks, he had to rely solely on God for everything.
“Our tomorrow is secure, it will be taken care of by Jesus” — Robert.

Erin also reminds us that communication is not just talking, it’s also listening and hearing. Practicing healthy communication in friendships and relationships before marriage is important or beginning to learn it now in marriage will help strengthen your marriage or future marriage.

“Before leaving Ghana, the Lord gave us a vision to rescue children, provide a home for these kiddos- not an institution and to provide an education (primary, secondary and trade school)”. Listen to hear more from this couple and learn more about their ministry, Breath of Heaven, and keep up with them on Instagram as they are moving to Lusaka, Zambia in the next month to follow where the Lord leads.