Episode 1 Part 1 - Introduction to the Marriage Project Podcast


In part 1 of episode 1 I am here to welcome YOU to The Marriage Project, Testimonies Behind the Matrimonies and to introduce myself a bit. I am so incredibly happy you made it here! In this first introduction, you’ll hear a bit more about my background and how this Southern California native happened to kick off the vision for this project in Portland, Oregon of all places!

Before just diving into the first interview, I wanted to “get to know each other” a bit. If we could meet in real life, I just know we’d be friends. I love that about community. We could meet instantaneously and hit it off because we have this thing, this bond, this Christ connection and that means we’re family! And in this family, the ties are strong. Blood brothers and sisters. Knowing Jesus makes it fairly easy to dive into meaningful, deep conversations. 6 hours…let alone a 45 minute episode is hardly long enough to share all the minute details of the marvelous things He has done for us. But this podcast keeps it down to one hour, 30 minutes at best to try and convey just a blip of this insane otherwordly goodness He brings to our lives.

What a wonderful, fun, generous God!

If you’re here and unsure of what I’m talking about or don’t feel you fully understand who God is or are wondering why we’re such fanatics about Him…. well, my friend (hope that’s okay I call you that), through each one of these stories shared you’re going to be hearing about this God and how He comes near. How He restores broken lives and learn that He’s always been on your side. He wants His best for you and you and your story matter to Him. He’s easy to fall in love with once you give Him a chance. He’s GOOD, I promise. So please, if you will, stay a while.

The tagline for this project is “testimonies behind the matrimonies”. So what exactly is a testimony in this context? Taken straight from Google, testimony is defined as: “evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.” So here we stand as evidence or proof of Jesus and His redeeming love and that His Spirit is alive and active in each one of us. If you haven’t already personally encountered Him, I pray this is the place you and your Heavenly, loving, Father become more closely acquainted.

Recorded and shared in love,
Your podcast host

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